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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
Season GP W L Tł OTL Pts GF GA PIM Finish Playoffs
2001-02 82 28 41 8 5 69 198 249 1248 5th, Atlantic Did not qualify
2002-03 82 27 44 6 5 65 189 255 1125 5th, Atlantic Did not qualify
2003-04 82 23 47 8 4 58 190 303 1270 5th, Atlantic Did not qualify
2004-05 Season cancelled due to 2004-05 NHL Lockout
2005-06 82 22 46 — 14 58 244 316 1539 5th, Atlantic Did not qualify

yeah im sure wrong about the 5 seasons of suck

and In 1975, the Penguins' creditors demanded payment of back debts, forcing the team into bankruptcy. The doors to the team's offices were padlocked, and it looked like the Penguins were headed for contraction.

followed by owners Howard Baldwin and Morris Belzberg (who bought the Penguins after their first Cup win) had asked the players to defer their salaries. When they finally came due, combined with other financial pressures, the Penguins were forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 1998--the second such filing in franchise history.

followed by these events, On December 15, 2006, Balsillie withdrew his bid to buy the team. He made the decision after receiving notice from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman that the league would restrict Balsillie's control over the team. The move was geared at preventing Balsillie from moving the team.

Balsillie's sudden withdrawal angered Lemieux to the point that he claimed he would be able to retain Balsillie's $10 million deposit. The deposit was eventually returned, perhaps in light of subsequent events - the Penguins' existing ownership eventually negotiated a new arena deal with the Pennsylvanian government, and subsequently took the team off the market.

ok so i am wrong it wasnt 3 bankruptcy's but 2 and a relocation, so please tell me how you have proven anything?

For the record the number of wins shouldnt effect the number of people in the seats, the flyers last year only had 22 wins yet were still 7th in the league in attendance, but hey if we were fair weather fans wed be rooting for the penguins.
Yep, considering you said the pens didn't make the playoffs since the 90's and that's not true. We've already been on the case that the pens had between 70-80% attendance, and they were in the black and paid all the creditors off.

I'm not sure why you keep wanting to dig a grave for yourself, but you do quite nicely. the ownership was poor - but the ownership has nothing to do with the fan base. Which you also fail to note the fan base led a great grass roots campaign that kept the pens in Pitt instead of having them liquidated, and later sold.

Interesting, isn't it. All the things you dug up, proved how loyal the fans were. The State of PA sat out as long as they could, and mario forced the issue with the sale to Bassille - knowing the NHL would block the Pens from being moved. Mario played it well.

You just hate the pens and your arguments have no rationale in them due to your own biased nature.
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