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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
fire sale ? you left out the part that the fire sale was 5 years ago, and you had to sit threw 5 years of a minor league team in order to get all these high draft picks, oh wait i forgot nobody went to those games which is why the team went bankrupt for the third time.

Mario didnt save ****, betman saved your team, remember mario had the team sold to balsillie until the nhl came in and added a bunch of bs stipulations.

Thats something to be proud of there, suck so bad you get alot of top draft picks, and then cry to the nhl office to make the government build you a new arena.

Why is mario owner anyhow ? OH yeah thats right from the last time your pathetic excuse for a franchise went bankrupt, he was givin the team instead of the cash that he was owed. So that brings your total bankruptcy's to 3, yup thats something to be proud of, a team with a history of sucking and fair weather fans. Couldnt have been put in a better spot.

Actually, for a team that had 20wins, they had good attendance. But again, you have been proven wrong by me before, and you still insist on being wrong.

You still have no bearing on the Pens financial situation. I've already corrected you numerous times and you are still ignorant of the facts. Which only shows again, how little you actually know and how much you just like to run your mouth.
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