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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
Interesting take. I'd like to hear where you stand on the waste of a hockey uniform (George Laraque) going directly after Biron's legs late in the game. Obviously he won't be suspended but I wanted to see if you are willing to admit that it was nothing less then intent to injure and went straight at Biron's legs.
No that i think about it, you always defended the cheapest player ever in the NHL, Darius Kasperitis so I doubt you will see anything with the Gorrilla on skates' actions.

I can deal with hard hits up high and an elbow thrown at my player. It's totally gutless when you try to take out a guys knee.

You mean like supporting intentional injuring people by high sticking incidents? Hmmm......


I can't see what laraque's intentions were - usually if he has a problem - he just kicks the **** out of you or someone else on your bench. He hasn't had a history of "intent to injure" - and the only time i really support kasper on was knocking lindress into next week - in which that was a clean hit. Lindress didn't have his head up, again.
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