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Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
That's a lot different than I haven't been to the movies in 10 years because it all sucks. A **** ton of great movies have come out in the last decade. Your refusal to see them doesn't mean they are bad, nor does your pre-judgement of the entire industry.

Just makes you sound like a curmudgeon. These kids today don't understand what's good I guess.
I just said I didn't go to the movie THEATER, not that I didn't watch a lot of the movies coming out these days- I know a lot of them are bad because I've watched them (big blockbusters included). I'm a huge movie buff which is why I'm tough on bad movies- that's also what Redbox is for....

I just don't see the point of spending 10+ on a movie ticket and another 10+ on crappy concession food for a movie that I give a 25% chance of being decent. All that does is give Hollywood the incentive to continue manufacturing poorly written scripts that are more about CGI than anything else.

Christ, "kids these days" I just turned 30 man! Maybe you need to rethink some of your "pre-judgments"....

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