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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I liked the new movies. I didn't like them as much as the old ones, but I thought Star Trek and ST Into Darkness were solid movies. I really like Benedict Cumberbatch (Big fan of the Sherlock mini series). I have a love/hate relationship with Abrams. His stories are flawed, often having large plot holes that are just totally ignored, but he tells his stories very well. The aliens and alien worlds in the new ST are much more believable. The physics seem to be more suited for outer space as well. They really use the whole vacuum of space aspect correctly. I like a lot of the new actors. I like the new space battles and the new ship.

Start Trek has always been pretty cheesy. Whenever a new movie comes out re-doing an old story or old characters, somehow people seem to mis-remember the originals as better than they were. When I read the negative comments about the new movies, if I'd never seen the old stuff, you'd think the old Trek movies and shows were Downton Abbey level plot and character development. Patrick Stewart had the Shakespearean/London acting expertise (yet one more reason Picard > Kirk) but most of the others didn't. James Doohan's Scotty is borderline racist. Chekov's accent is just awful. And I think Brent Spiner and William Shatner both are guilty of overacting their parts. The stories and effects haven't all aged well. I mean at the end of the day it's science fiction - sometimes really good sci fi, and sometimes pretty awful. I think Start Trek is at its best when it isn't taking itself to seriously.

Personally I always preferred Star Trek to Star Wars. They were "first" and didn't have the luxury of only having to tell six stories. However I also see it for what it is; campy fun that sometimes makes you think. Star Trek isn't some sacrosanct art piece that no one should replicate out of reverence for Leonard Nimoy or whatever. It's meant for pure enjoyment. If you're trying to get anymore than that out of it, you will be disappointed.
Spot on how I feel Kaylore. Right down to the Sherlock reference. May be the best thing on TV.

It just amazes me people get so uptight about this stuff. I think it's a by product of loving this stuff (ST and SW) as a child and then growing up. You grow up and your tastes change and (possibly) become more sophisticated. I think too many people forget to look at them through the same lens you did as a kid. Did you care about acting or plot holes? Nah. You wanted a fun story and cool new stuff and just to see your fave characters in action again. Not sure why people as adults can't look at these movies in the same way. Sure, it helps appeal to our "adult" standards if the movies are well-acted etc. etc. but I just think sometimes the ST and SW fan boys expect waaaaaaayyyy too much.

Making a Star Trek and Star Wars flick is a film maker's Kobayashi Maru test.
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