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Oh these new gun laws won't do much unfortunately, but it's a good start i guess? And I'll get roasted for this but clinging to the second amendment in today's day is BS. the intention of it was to form a militia, it even says that right in it. We haven't had those or a need for them in centuries. Now people want them for...why do people want assault weapons anyway?
It also says freedom of the press even though most media doesn't use presses anymore. So I guess the media is controllable by the government so long as using a press isn't involved.

Your selective reinterpretation of the Constitution in effect renders it null and void. Read more into the ratification debates and the federalist papers. This idea that the 2nd Amendment was only for militias is pure gleeful self-delusion. Of the kind that could be used to tear down the Bill of Rights completely.
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