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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by gunns View Post
I'm one who believes that heaven is a better, yet obivously unknown place. I would never believe my children were "chosen" to die. I believe God loves EVERYONE equally and because of free agency given to us, God is in mourning over the choice of a young man. But those children were most special to God and were welcomed directly into his arms. As a parent, even with those beliefs, my heart would be torn out, my hopes and dreams shattered. Yes, I would turn to God for some sense of relief but I know only time would make it easier, but would never heal the huge hole in my life.

This was not God's will, it was Adam Lanza's choice. And I feel God is sad about that, for those children and for Adam.
That's the difficulty I suppose, in not believing. There is nowhere to turn to for comfort. This is such a horrible event that I look for a reason, or some kind of rationale, or some kind of explanation, but in reality, there simply isn't one. We are left with empty hands, left to find peace as best we can. As the father of three sons I cannot contemplate such grief as these parents must feel. Shalom.
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