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Originally Posted by Rigs11 View Post
So let me get this straight.

the ACA is modeled after conservative principles
it's passed by congress
repubs hate obama
they try to defund it 42 times and fail
they say it's unconstitutional but is upheld as constitutional by the supreme court conservatives
repubs hate obama
they tie into the gov funding bill to defund it
gov shuts down
ACA starts anyways
repubs hate obama
they complain that budget is too high even thousgh it is in line with paul Ryan's proposed budget
Boner states that congress should not get special subsidies even though he has worked secretely to give congress subsidies

Does that sum it up?
Which conservative principle does the individual mandate fall under?

And what budget are you talking about? We've been operating on continuing resolutions for over 3 years now. While the Senate has never approved a new budget in all that time.
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