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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Aaron Rodgers was highly touted from what I remember. There were arguments as to who should go first him or alex smith. I also know Gibbs was high on him and wanted to move up to draft him but GB took him and skins ended up with campbell.

Cutler still has yet to prove he is a franchise QB. Officials around the league are still skeptical about him (not skills wise, just intangibles, etc.)

Flacco is overrated and has had major issues when the pressure is on.

Ryan is legit, but he needs a playoff win. Not his fault mind you as the falcons had soft teams but he has to deliver this year.

I trust Steve Young and agree with him when he said RGIII and Luck are generational players and I think it will play out that way. The only QB from that list that I think will be in the same discussion is Rodgers. Not sure about Ryan but I doubt it. Cutler and Flacco, no chance...
KFC is better at finding QB's at the end of their careers, not the start.
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