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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
and thousands of bronco fans would be flooding emergency rooms wanting to be admitted for fanatical depression..

I just can't believe there is so much hoopla about this..

He either signs or he does not..

I had suggested SFO when he was dumped by IND.. Maybe more logic than we did, so did PHX and MIA until they dumped marshall..

Now TEN is the sentimental favorite..

I'm not holding my breath and if he signs well so be it if he does not I'm not losing any sleep and we can go on about getting better via the draft..

Patience Grasshoppers..
Patience for what? This is not some master plan the pleebs cant see. If they don't sign PM, its an epic fail of an FA period. We're a team with A LOT of holes that was VERY lucky to be 8-8 last year.
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