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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Popps

Actually.. believe it or not, Flip your Wig is my all-time favorite Huskers CD. Most people think I'm crazy. Very strange to have someone agree with me on that. To me, it's where their songwriting really came together. Kind of the perfect blend of their earlier edge, and their later pop sensibility.

Reminds me of the Clash Give 'em Enough Rope. It's one of those records that I've always loved, but most Clash fans don't dig it much.

I don't have the Lifetime CD. Is that new?
Good analogy on Wig ...probably because it came out almost right on
top of Rising is the reason why it's seemingly overlooked....great cd though.."Private Plane" is my all time fave Husker Du song.

Lifetime is the first official Rollins Band release from '88...IMO it is their greatest overall recording...totally solid and fearsome from top to bottom. Seen them in a small club in Rochester NY that summer and was right in front of the man the entire show....that is one very intense individual...along with a B.B. King show caught up close, it remains one of the greatest shows I've ever seen.

Check out the sounds like it looks.
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