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Brendan Langley

Sweet reading so far everybody.

As for me, I think the last CD's I bought were Rkelly's greatest hits and the new Lincoln Park CD. I'm seriously considering going out and getting the new Usher cd. The dude is bad, what can you say? Him and RKelly rule the hip hop and RandB circle right now as far as I'm concerned.

Then again, i've always been a fan of a whole bunch of different music so I'm down to try and check out some things that you all have talked about. Maybe I'll experiment and find some things I like. I'm into this kick of burning music now by the year... those are becoming my favorite CDs just because it was when I was growing up. I have 90-94 catalogued with my favorite hits for each of those years. If you are a mostly mainstream fan, check out They have all the stuff that billboard tries to charge you for.

Hey bone, is the Kanye West CD any good? That hit with twista is bad. I never really have followed twista all that much but you have to respect his flow. Also, I was a huge Bone fan growing up... who wasn't? I actually got to work security for their concert last year in a town right by Springfield Missouri. There wasn't a ton of people as their name has cooled off a lot since 96'97, but it was still sweet. I got to be backstage security so I got to see Krazy, and most of the bone members but that one dip$hit member wasn't there... I want to say buzy bone or whatever. Anyways, I was jamming to thuggish ruggish bone and all the old classics. It took me through my teenage years for sure but then only seeing like 200 fans made me feel pretty bad that they had to slum it out in a concert like that. I think they have just about run their course in music as much as I hate to say it. They were all good guys as were most of the Mo Thugs family too. Just thought you might want to hear that story.
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