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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by amesj523
You ever hear Bill Evans "Waltz For Debby"?

no i have not

The song that did it for me with the underground hogan was "heroin" - because of how mo's drums sound like a heartbeat...then they just stop...
Bill Evans was a great piano jazz player...the Waltz CD is a jazz classic.

"Heroin" is an amazing tune...Mo playing her drums on their side...I've seen pics of her set and still can't believe she played like that. The song deserves it's hype, no doubt...I love how it starts with that great great lick.

The song from VU & Nico that I never was thrilled with was "Venus In Furs"...never was a fan of "The Black Angel's Death Song" either...always thought both were way overrated.

Do you have the Velvets Boxset?
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