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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
For sake of posterity, some current pass D stats are below. It will be interesting to see what kind of improvement Von Miller makes.

yards/attempt: 8.5, 30th
completion %: 60.6, 14th
TD%: 4.4%, 16th
int%: 3.6, 10th
sack%: 6.3%, 21th
QB rating: 87.8, 17th
After 3 games (rankings are where these stats would be if sustained over the whole season):

yards/attempt: 5.9, 1st
completion %: 56.6%, 4th
TD%: 4.7%, 18th
int%: 3.8%, 4th
sack%: 8.5%, 6th
QB rating: 73.9, 4th

Folks, this defense is becoming a top 5 passing D right before our eyes. This marked improvement is not a function of playing back-up QB's either; these numbers are against Luck, RGIII, and Rivers, who has been enjoying a renaissance season so far.

Don't let any KC fools tell you that this defense is impotent - with Von and WW in the line-up, we are a top 5 passing D and a top 5 rushing D.
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