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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
One of my personal joys this season has been watching the chiefs season well and truely end before it barely got started.

Watching Peyton Manning running a quick strike offense while Cassel and co stutter fudge their way through turnover riddled games posting single digit scores per half sprinkled with boos raining down from narrowhead.

Watching a KC defense loaded with 9 1st/2nd round players give up more than 30 points per game, every game except the Ravens one.

Listening to Crennel mash through post game interviews with his favorite phrase "I don't understand . . . . "

All while their home field advantage flushes down the toilet as they get spanked when Cassel is still on the books for three more years!

This is Josh McDaniels x 10
I still don't get what they were thinking hiring Crennel - he was an atrocious head coach in Cleveland and just because he somehow managed to not **** up the last few games last season when there was no pressure on him doesn't mean he is suddenly Vince Shulachick.
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