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The worst team in the nfl with the worst quarterbacks and one of the worst towns with an absentee owner. The Raiders were able find coaches every year. It's the NFL. Someone will come. However it's not a destination city, and there isn't much to entice someone who has their pick.

And having the first pick isn't the great sell you think it is. There aren't a ton of people who want their legacies linked to the first overall pick right away - especially in such a crappy Draft class.
Clark is at every Chiefs game, home or away. Just because his house is in Dallas doesn't mean he doesn't care.
He took the franchise by the horns and is going out on his own to find a HC that he feels is best. I have no idea how anyone can say Clark doesn't care considering what he's doing right now.

Now is he knowledgeable about what he's doing? That's certainly debatable, but saying he is an absentee owner is not simply not true.

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