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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
I disagree. Meera and Jojen don't really do much and I expect all of those scenes of heading to the wall to be chopped outside of the one where they run into the future AA at that tower.

If Meera and Jojen are intended to eventually do something important, Martin will tell HBO and they'll be casted soon.
Jojen Reed is important to Bran's storyline, though I do agree his contribution could be combined into another character's storyline, probably Osha's.

However, Howlen Reed is crucial, though it is not really that big of an issue yet since he hasnt even showed up in the books yet. He is crucial to the Tv show because is the only living character that can inform the viewer of the ToJ, Johns parentage storyline. In the book we were made aware of it when Ned was in the black cells, which didnt happen on da television show.
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