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Originally Posted by want2bAbronco2 View Post
That would be great if you can give me a list of all the books (Dark Tower). A friend at work is selling a ton of books to the lib. so I get first pick of them. I haven't heard of a lot of them, so I figured I would ask. I just started the Shanhara series, have heard good things about it. Friend said the Pern series was really good in some books and kinda odd in others. Thats what I was worried about with "wheels of time" have heard sooooo many people say good things about them, but have had just as many say they are so dry and slow. (good thing I held off on that series!)

Any other recommendations? I love mid evil fantasy and star wars/mass effect type books.
Some recommendations from someone who can never get enough sci-fi/fantasy:

C.J. Cherryh. Anything she's ever written but especially the "Chanur" series, the "Foreigner" series the "Faded Sun" series and the "Fortress" series. She writes both fantasy and sci-fi and is one of only a handful of authors that does both very well.

"His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman. This series starts with "The Golden Compass" and is excellent.

Harry Potter (if you haven't already).

"Eternity Road" and "Ancient Shores" (or anything else) by Jack McDevitt.

"The Postman" by David Brin

"Expendable" by James Allen Gardner. He's written a bunch of loosely related books so start with this one. It's not that they're in any order or dependant on each other but thyis one was first and explains all the terminology (like "going 'Oh Sh*t'") in the books the best.

I'll PM you a complete list of the "Dark Tower" books and all of the tie-ins.

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