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I tried to build a team that was very versatile and could adapt to any playing style. I primarily looked at players with the ability to play D along with score and threw in a few specialty guys. Alot of my guys can play multiple positions also.

With the starting 5 I have two big men who were good defenders and great scorers from either in the paint or outside. At the point GP could get into the paint, post up the PG's which were smaller (Nash's, Stockton's, AI's, Cousy's), and also shoot 3's. His ability to play defense is great and arguably the best defensive pg's of all time. At the SF and SG the starters aren't set in stone and could be swapped out according to oppenent's playing style and matchups. I could switch Mullen out with Sloan, Moncrief for Richmond for Defense, or Webber if going to a big lineup. Richmond was a very underrated Defender and was a great scorer who talents went to waste, but Moncrief would challenge him for the starting spot and they would probably log about the same amount of minutes. If needed to run the ball I could insert the RUN T-M-C with Webber for a reunion tour. Didn't plan on that but somehow that's how the pieces fell into place. If I need 3's I could have a lineup with Malone, Schrempf, Mullin, GP, Richmond. I wanted 3 big men for the foul troubles against the Wilt, shaq, Hakeem, etc.

Starting 5:

C - David Robinson-NBA MVP, ROY, NBA DPOY, 10 time Allstar, 4 time all defensive team 1st and 2nd team(8 total). All NBA 1st team 4 times, 2nd team2 times, 3rd team 4 times.

PF - Karl Malone- 2 time MVP, 11 All NBA 1st teams(2 second teams), 4 time all defensive team (3 1st, 2nd), 14 time allstar, #2 all time scorer.

SF - Chris Mullin- 5 time Allstar, 4 time all NBA

SG - Mitch Richmond-6 time allstar, 9th alltime 3pts made, ROY, 21 ppg first 10 years

PG - Gary Payton-9time Allstar, 9 time all NBA, 9 time all defensive team, DPOY, Only player with 20,000 pts 5000 RB, 8000 assits, 2000 steals

G: Tim Hardaway-5 time allstar, 3 time ALL NBA, 7th player to avg 2

G: Sidney Moncrief-Two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Four-time All-NBA First Team, Five-time NBA All-Defensive Team, Five-time All-Star

G/F: Jerry Sloan-Two time allstar, 6 all Defensive teams, 14 ppg 7 rpg 2.5 spg

G/F: Detlef Schrempf-3time allstar, all nba once, 2 time 6 man of year

F/C: Chris Webber-ROY, 5 time all NBA, 4 time Allstar

C/F: Ralph Sampson-3 time allstar, ROY

C: Dwight Howard-Allstar, All NBA, 15 ppg 11 rpg

COACH: Rudy Tomjonavich-2 titles, Famous punch landed on him.
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