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Josey Jewell

Demaryius Thomas is larger, faster, stronger, and has demonstrably better character (Parrish Cox rape trial issues not withstanding). He also has made one of the all-time clutch overtime plays in beating the Steelers in last year's playoffs.

Dez Bryant has better career stats after 3 years, but that's a bit deceptive. They both had nearly identical seasons in 2012 statistically, and Thomas's 2010 and 2011 stats were obviously affected by having Orton and Tebow as his quarterbacks, while Bryant was working with a pro bowl quarterback and gunslinger in Tony Romo all 3 years.

I honestly believe that 9 out of 10 general managers would select Demaryius Thomas over Dez Bryant right now if given the choice.

Career Stats
Thomas: 148 catches for 2268 yards (15.3 ypr), 16 touchdowns
Bryant: 200 catches for 2871 yards (14.4 ypr), 27 touchdowns

2012 stats
Thomas: 94 catches for 1434 yards (15.3 ypr), 10 touchdowns
Bryant: 92 catches for 1382 yards (15.0 ypr), 12 touchdowns

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