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Originally Posted by epicSocialism4tw View Post
Will do. Thanks
How about 'Jekyl-Hyde'? That's perfect, because you're a damn good poster, damn good. Until ....

You cross the Rubicon into the WRP room. That's where you morph into a hideous, pestilent-laden wretch ... viciously ripping, tearing and gorging on the flesh of innocent humans all through the night - until finally sated, with the cries of the townspeople mercifully fading, you slowly lift your head to the night sky, and with fists clenched you wail the unspeakable howls of ten thousand demons loosed from the depths of hell. Finally, your energy spent, and fallen to one knee, mouth agape gasping for air, with chunks of the flesh and brain matter of innocent children dripping from your teeth, you lurch headlong into the brush, falling into a deep depraved sleep ... sleep known only to Dick Cheney and the five Supreme Court justices who voted to overturn Citizens United.

Then you come back in the other rooms, and you're a damn good poster, damn good
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