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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Defeated By The Taliban, Washington Decides To Take On Russia And China

By Paul Craig Roberts

December 07, 2013
"Information Clearing House - The several days of organized protests in Ukraine are notable for the relative lack of police violence. Unlike in the US, Canada, Thailand, Greece, and Spain, peaceful protesters have not been beaten, tear gassed, water cannoned, and tasered by Ukrainian police. Unlike in Egypt, Palestine, and Bahrain, Ukrainian protesters have not been fired upon with live ammunition. The restraint of the Ukrainian government and police in the face of provocations has been remarkable. Apparently, Ukrainian police have not been militarized by US Homeland Security...

for the rest

The best part of this article are some of the posted comments ........


America could barely afford the $$ cost of global containment of Russian and Chinese spheres of influence when Washington had the money to do it. It can't do this anymore -- no matter how much "quantitative easing" the US Federal Reserve, Japan's, the EU, and other European central banks can muster to back up US foreign policy.

Nor can we expect the peoples of countries who had to suffer through decades of authoritarian and banana republican autocrats just to stand up for US foreign policy to keep accepting the austere national budgets they'll be suffering through for the next several years.
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