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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Wrong again. I'm opposed to laissez faire capitalism - the Randian capitalism espoused by the leaders of the Tea Party, like the Koch Bros, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan. I'm opposed to corporate controlled capitalism that doesn't even create capital, but rather just churns paper to create wealth completely disconnected from the nuts and bolts economy that sustains a society. Well regulated capitalism works just fine. Corporate power has now reached such an extent that they simply buy the government they want, as we saw clearly in the Glass/Steagle debacle and are watching right now as Citigroup rewrites Dodd/Frank.

Wealth disparity is created by greed, not government. Our government is failing because of an extremely well financed, corporate, libertarian assault on its legitimate functions going all the way back to the Powell memo. Back to the days when Reagan launched the propaganda motto, "The government is the problem." Wrong. A government no longer answerable to the people is the problem. Follow the money. In the last few years, 95% of the "recovery" has gone to 1% of the people. That's says all anybody needs to know. This economy no longer serves the needs of the majority of its people.

Oh, and BTW, Stalin was never the tool of anybody. That's like saying the Huns used Attila as a tool.
You are grossly misinformed comrade.

Overzealous Keynsesian government spending and crony capitalism have created (and continue to create) massive wealth disparity. Ever hear of inflation? People either have assets or they don't. If you don't have assets and only hold worthless paper money. You are poor. End of story. The value of the dollar has dropped 98% since the Federal Reserve was instituted.

You complain about the last few years of government policy (stimulus, bailouts, etc.) and actually have the GALL to attribute this to Libertarian's? WTF?

The few Libertarian's that there are in congress vote against those policies everytime the Socialists try to pass them. Libertarian's want to audit the federal reserve, and eliminate crony capitalism.

Libertarian's are against debt-accumulation, and all policies that create wealth disparity. You have no clue what you're even talking about. Do you actually believe the crap you type? Good lord, man.
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