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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
dood, pittsburgh has a youth movement
No you are wrong.

No offense to Penguin fans, but they don't have a youth movement. They have Malkin, Crosby, Staal, and Flower. Four pieces all teams in the NHL would kill for. However, their cupboard is bare, and it should be Shero's priority to get that rectified.

philly has a youth movement
They have quality but not quantity in the pipeline doesn't mean a Youth movement either. VanRiemsdyk, Giroux, Sbisa, Parent are quality guys to have for sure but you need more guys.

Here is who does have a "Youth Movement"...the Kings, Coyotes, Blackhawks, Blues, Blue Jackets and Bruins. All have quality and quantity.

the key part to a youth movement is the players have to be good and worth keeping
The key part is to have quanitity which is a given, and quality. Your teams you listed have one and not the other.

the kings are just on a cheap movement, soon as the rookie contracts run out, the players bolt
Bolt to who? Nobody has more cap space than the Kings. 13 Million under the cap currently and next year it drops even more. In 2011 season, Our payroll is expected to be 16 million. Kings are sitting pretty right now, when the cap shrinks because of the economy...teams will have to release players to compensate for the giant contracts they handed out to players like Drury, Gomez,'s going to bite those teams in the rear end soon.

Oh yeah and Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, Stoll, Greene, all recently signed extensions. Kopitar signed a 7 year deal.

I enjoy the banter and talking hockey, but sometimes I wonder if you are Eklund. Saying stuff like Leafs will win a Cup before the Kings when the Leafs have been stuck in neutral for a good while and then not even knowing what consitutes a youth movement. Just because you have two or three young guys on the squad doesn't constitute a youth movement.

Eklund is Chadta (e5)
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