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Spencer Larsen

I would rank:

NFC South (Atlanta is very good and lost no talent from the top regular season team, New Orleans will bounce back in a big way with Payton back, Tampa Bay is a solid roster that has been improving a lot over the last 2 seasons. Carolina is not a good team but they have sufficient firepower to get close to 8-8)

NFC North (Green Bay had a down year last season, and I fully expect them to be a popular pick for the super bowl. Detroit and Chicago have both been hampered by injuries but have a lot of talent on their respective rosters. Minnesota was a surprise team last season in the playoffs and 8-8 is definitely within reach again)

AFC North (Pittsburgh seem to suck every other year, so they should be good this season. Baltimore is the defending champs, while they lost some talent they should still be good. Cincinatti is a good young team with talent on all positions, however Cleveland looks like a hot mess)

NFC West (I don't like sophomore QBs - the rookies last year did very well (Luck, Russell, Griffin) but at least one of them will fail to live up to that this year. The 49ers and Seahawks have good rosters, but they also both have unproven 1 year starters at QB and both rosters were shamelessly healthy last season - at least one of those teams will underperform. Arizona is one of the worst teams in the league and St Louis has been going nowhere pretty quickly the last few years)

AFC South (I don't like sophomore QBs. The Texans are good, but as we saw last season they aren't great. I doubt Indy can sneak into the playoffs again, they won't have the chuckstrong blessing going this season. Tennessee is a real wild card, they could be good or they could be really bad, but I am leaning towards something decent. Jacksonville will be bad, but not atrocious)

NFC East (I don't like sophomore QBs. Eli will be good, Vick will be okay and Romo will pass for 4500 yards but won't earn his huge contract)

AFC West (Player for player the Broncos are better than the Patriots, the Chargers are better than the Dolphins, the Raiders are maybe not better than the Bills but it is pretty hard being worse than the Bills and even the Chiefs are better than the Jets)

AFC East
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