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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
If most people had a $2,500 deductible to pay before insurance kicked in, they woud ask WAY more questions about recommended services, treatment plans and alternatives.
I agree. Health Insurance should be catastrophic. Not for 'routine maintenance' so to speak.

My only issue with the car anology is that a person who can't afford/ doesn;t need a car can simple make arrangement to get rides, ride a bike, ride a bus... it works like a market should, you either find value in the product and buy or pursue other alternatives... inhealthcare, that market doesn't always exist and the consequense is not no car, but dead.

It is simlpe one of the hardest issues to solve, effectively and fairly
No analogy is perfect. Transportation is pretty important though, especially depending on where you live. And when it comes to market forces, importance makes applying them more important... not less.

But you could use food. Or housing. All essential. But if you only paid 10% of your food bill, most people would eat much more expensive diets. Or if you only paid for 10% of your house, we'd all live in McMansions.

You get the point.
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