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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Now that some time has passed I am thinking E&F decided to do right by Tebow. They knew that he was never going to be in our long range plans so they gave the kid the chance to pursue his career as a starting NFL qb. They even accommodated him going to the Jets for a lesser deal than the Jags offered. E&F want a pocket passer and doubted Tebow was ever going to be that QBOTF. Drafting Osweller in the second with a win now plan A clearly shows that direction.
So you're in favor of the front office making bad football moves based around personal preference?

Its as simple as this really:

1. Is Tebow a better backup option than Hanie? Obviously.

2. Does Tebow offer more as a part of the 53 man roster than Hanie, outside of being the #2 QB? Obviously.

3. Is Osweiler even close to ready? Seeings how they're tweaking his throwing mechanics and have already talked about him as a "long term" plan guy I'd say it's a pretty clear no.

So given those three little factoids why would we then let Tebow's style of play make us settle for a #2 who is in every way inferior to Tebow?

Hanie is even a worse pocket passer than Tebow, so regardless of where Tebow's skills may lie and what this org. might prefer he's still a better option, even shoehorned into a bad fit for him.

The beauty of it all is that then we get to have two wildly different young QBs to groom so we've got two bites at the apple when it comes to replacing Manning, not just one. The odds are against Tebow taking a miraculous step forward and becoming a full fledged pocket passer, but he makes us a better team in the interim while we wait for Osweiler to get ready and we hold onto the lottery ticket of him taking that very step forward.
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