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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
My argument: Tim Tebow would be the best fullback in league history -- RIGHT NOW -- if he switched positions.

My argument: The combination of needing to change the offense to a 1920s version and his insane fanbase means having Tebow at backup is not the great thing that you make it out to be.
Again, fan base is irrelevant. No real Broncos fan cares, the FO shouldn't care. No Tebowmaniac as a vote in how the Broncos use him. In other words: Screw 'em.

His different skill set are an inherent part of his value. That throw back style actually WORKED last year, and was especially effective over a short stretch. This in a post-wild cat world so teams had something of a recipe on how to deal with it. That style of offense was also implemented on the fly mid-season. Again, hugely valuable since we can't keep running the Manning offense without Manning. No one could do it in Indy last year with a fully acclimated supporting cast of veterans. It isn't happening here.

My argument: That if the Jets were really serious about having Tim be a legitimate backup QB, they wouldn't have him in harm's way blocking on punts.
I think the Jets are really serious about doing everything they can to get play makers on the field. Tebow is a play maker. He's also their #2 QB, so much so that they traded the recently signed Drew Stanton (supposed to be their #2) for nothing from the Colts after acquiring Tebow. If they weren't serious I doubt they'd have lined themselves up without a safety net.

I don't think he's a legitimate NFL QB. I just don't. That's what's called "an opinion." You think he's destined for greatness, I'd rather not wait around to see if the long shot comes true.
1. I think he has potential for greatness. I back it up by pointing out the early success he's had, the very real, very rare skills he shares with other great QBs, and how dominant he can be in the right system (from college).

2. Opinions are like a-holes. Everybody has them. If you want yours to be viewed as anything more than what most a-holes put out back it up with some reasonable arguments.

And while Caleb Hanie is nobody's idea of a great backup, he'll do in the short term while the circus moves out of town. What's more, he's actually performed in a throw-first offense. And on top of all that, I don't think Hanie is going to be the number 2 going into the season.
By "performed in a throw-first offense" you mean he's got a 41.6 career QB rating, a 50.9% completion rate, and a 3:10 TD to INT ratio.

Meanwhile the guy you say can't pass has a 75.1 career QB rating, 47.3% completion rate, and 17 to 9 TD to INT ratio.

Also, that same guy started three games as a rookie in 2010 in what was still a pass first pro style offense. He had a QB rating then of 82.1, completed 50% of his passes, and had a 5 to 3 TD to INT ratio. This on the second worst team in the league with no running game, horrible defense, and no special teams help.

So when you act like Hanie is a better fit for a pass first offense I'm left to ask what possibly supports that notion.

Further, if Hanie is not the #2 then this organization is taking a massive risk with Osweiler's very fragile development.

And yeah, I was personally tired of the Tebow circus. Here, in the stadium, in the papers, everywhere, for a guy who quite simply isn't all that good at the position he's chosen to play. He could get better, sure, I just think it's far from a sure thing.
Making decisions based on personal fatigue/dismay with an ancillary element to the decision is how most failure begins.

Tebow's mass appeal should have had zero involvement in the decision, if the Broncos FO really is focused on putting together the best possible team for multiple title runs.
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