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Round 1
1. JCMElway-George Herman "Babe" Ruth, P/OF, Red Sox/Yankees/Braves
2. killericon-Henry "Hank" Aaron, OF Braves/Brewers
3. -Slap--Ted Williams, OF Red Sox
4. BroncoLB52-Willie Mays, OF, Giants/Mets
5. Atwater-Lou Gehrig, 1B Yankees
6. Red Rocket RC-Cy Young, P, Spiders/Perfectos/Americans/Naps
7. Clockwork Orange-Ty Cobb, OF Tigers/Athletics
8. Breck Bronc-Honus Wagner, SS Colonels/Pirates

Round 2
9. Breck Bronc-Mickey Mantle, CF Yankees
10. Clockwork Orange-Walter Johnson, P Senators
11. Red Rocket RC-Pete Alexander, P Phillies/Cubs/Cardinals
12. Atwater-Sandy Koufax, P Dodgers
13. BroncoLB52-Stan Musial, LF/1B Cardinals
14. -Slap--Rogers Hornsby, 2B Cardinals/Giants/Braves/Cubs/Browns
15. killericon-Lefty Grove, P Athletics/Red Sox
16. JCMElway-Joe Dimaggio, CF Yankees

Round 3
17. JCMElway-Roger Clemens, P Red Sox/Blue Jays/Yankees/Astros
18. killericon-Eddie Collins, 2B Athletics/White Sox
19. -Slap--Christy Mathewson, P Giants/Reds
20. BroncoLB52-Frank Robinson, RF Reds/Orioles/Angels
21. Atwater-Earl Weaver, Manager Orioles
22. Red Rocket RC-Warren Spahn, P Braves/Mets/Giants
23. Clockwork Orange-Bob Gibson, P Cardinals
24. Breck Bronc-Tom Seaver, P Mets/Reds/White Sox, Red Sox

Round 4
25. Breck Bronc-Rickey Henderson, LF A's/Yankees/etc.
26. Clockwork Orange-Johnny Bench, C Reds
27. Red Rocket RC-Nolan Ryan P Mets/Angels/Astros/Rangers
28. Atwater-Thurman Munson, C Yankees
29. BroncoLB52-Albert Pujols, 1B Cardinals
30. -Slap--Mike Schmidt, 3B Phillies
31. killericon-Mike Piazza, C Dodgers/Marlins/Mets/Padres
32. JCMElway-Al Kaline, RF Detroit Tigers

Round 5
33. JCMElway-Roberto Clemente, RF Pittsburgh Pirates
34. killericon-Cal Ripken Jr., SS Orioles
35. -Slap--Jimmie Foxx, 1B Athletics/Red Sox/Cubs/Phillies
36. BroncoLB52-"Bullet" Bob Feller, P Indians
37. Atwater-Derek Jeter, SS Yankees
38. Red Rocket RC-Gaylord Perry, P Giants/Indians/Rangers/etc.
39. Clockwork Orange-Alex Rodriguez, SS/3B Mariners/Rangers/Yankees
40. Breck Bronc-Joe Morgan, 2B Reds, Colt .45's/Astros/etc.

Round 6
41. Breck Bronc-Josh Gibson, C Grays/Crawfords
42. Clockwork Orange-Randy Johnson, P Expos/Mariners/Astros/D-Backs/Yankees
43. Red Rocket RC-Roy Campanella, C Dodgers
44. Atwater-B*rry B*nds, LF Pirates/Giants
45. BroncoLB52-Pedro Martinez, P Dodgers/Expos/Red Sox/Mets
46. -Slap--Steve Carlton, P Cardinals/Phillies/Giants/White Sox/etc.
47. killericon-Sammy Sosa, RF White Sox/Cubs/Orioles
48. JCMElway-Ernie Banks, SS Cubs

Round 7
49. JCMElway-Jackie Robinson, 2B Dodgers
50. killericon-Ken Griffey Jr., CF Mariners/Reds
51. -Slap--Ozzie Smith, SS Padres/Cardinals
52. BroncoLB52-George Brett, 3B Royals
53. Atwater-Eric Gagne, P Dodgers
54. Red Rocket RC-Tony Gwynn, OF Padres
55. Clockwork Orange-Mariano Rivera, P Yankees
56. Breck Bronc-Reggie Jackson, OF A's/Yankees/Orioles/Angels

Round 8
57. Breck Bronc-Hank Greenberg, 1B Tigers/Pirates
58. Clockwork Orange-Brooks Robinson, 3B Orioles
59. Red Rocket RC-David Ortiz, DH Twins/Red Sox
60. Atwater-Wade Boggs, 3B Red Sox/Yankees, Devil Rays
61. BroncoLB52-Yogi Berra, C Yankees
62. -Slap--Greg Maddux, P Cubs/Braves/Dodgers
63. killericon-Roy Halladay, P Blue Jays
64. JCMElway-Jim Palmer, P Orioles

Round 9
65. JCMElway-Pete Rose, 2B/OF/3B/1B Reds/Phillies/Expos
66. killericon-Kid Nichols, P Beaneaters/Cardinals/Phillies
67. -Slap--Ichiro Suzuki, RF Mariners
68. BroncoLB52-Satchel Paige, P Indians/Browns/Royals
69. Atwater-Kirby Puckett, CF Twins
70. Red Rocket RC-Ron Santo, 3B Cubs/White Sox
71. Clockwork Orange-"Shoeless" Joe Jackson, LF Athletics/Naps/White Sox-
72. Breck Bronc-Carl Hubbell, P Giants

Round 10
73. Breck Bronc-Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown, P Cardinals/Cubs/Reds
74. Clockwork Orange-Ryne Sandberg, 2B Phillies/Cubs
75. Red Rocket RC-Andruw Jones, CF Braves
76. Atwater-Nellie Fox, 2B A's, White Sox, Colt .45's
77. BroncoLB52-Whitey Ford, P Yankees
78. -Slap--Andre Dawson, OF Expos/Cubs/Red Sox/Marlins
79. killericon-Phil Niekro, P Braves/Yankees/Indians/Blue Jays
80. JCMElway-George Sisler, 1B Browns/Braves

Round 11
81. JCMElway-Hal Newhouser, P Tigers/Indians
82. killericon-Trevor Hoffman, P Marlins/Padres
83. -Slap--Ivan Rodriguez, C Rangers/Marlins/Tigers
84. BroncoLB52-Juan Marichal, P Giants/Red Sox/Dodgers
85. Atwater-Chuck Klein, RF Phillies/Cubs/Pirates
86. Red Rocket RC-Jeff Bagwell, 1B Astros
87. Clockwork Orange-Vladimir Guerrero, RF Expos/Angels
88. Breck Bronc-Miguel Cabrera, 3B Marlins

Round 12
89. Breck Bronc-Robin Roberts, P Phillies/Orioles
90. Clockwork Orange-Tom Glavine, P Braves/Mets
91. Red Rocket RC-Nap Lajoie, 2B Phillies/A's/Indians
92. Atwater-Paul Molitor, DH Brewers/Blue Jays/Twins
93. BroncoLB52-Mel Ott, RF/3B Giants
94. -Slap--Don Drysdale, P Dodgers
95. killericon-Mark Grace, 1B Cubs/D-Backs
96. JCMElway-Dizzy Dean, P Cardinals/Cubs/Browns

Round 13
97. JCMElway-Rod Carew, 2B Twins/Angels
98. killericon-Hoyt Wilhelm, P Giants/Orioles/White Sox/etc.
99. -Slap--Goose Gossage, P White Sox/Pirates/Yankees/etc.
100. BroncoLB52-Eddie Matthews, 3B Braves/Astros/Tigers
101. Atwater-Early Wynn, P Senators/Indians/White Sox
102. Red Rocket RC-Carl Yastrzemski, LF Red Sox
103. Clockwork Orange
104. Breck Bronc

That puts me on the clock. I'll have my pick up in a bit.
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