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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
So you are saying the government knows what's best for people even though they might have been completely satisfied with their plan? The plan was sold to the people they could keep the coverage they had if they liked it. It has nothing to do with Obama hate. Just FACTS.

So far the ACA isn't solving any problems just yet. Suddenly there are going to be millions more without insurance who are forced to register on a site that doesn't even work. It's comedy. Might just be enough to cost hilary the election.
You know, you're absolutely right! People should just have the right to judge for themselves what coverage they do and don't need no matter what kind of burden it places on the rest of us.

Hell, I've decided I don't need auto insurance. I'm a safe driver. I haven't been in an accident in years. I'm sure it'll never happen again, therefore I've determined that I don't need car insurance. Yay freedom!
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