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A lot of people seem to have this trepidation about getting into the show. A couple of friends specifically won't watch it because they have too much personal experience with meth heads. All I tell them is, don't delude yourself into thinking you are even close to as smart as the writers of the show and the characters they've created. And that's not an insult, that's just how intelligently written the show is, and it's quite rare.

That's not even the strongest point of the show, IMO. From about season 3 on, the aesthetic of the show (direction, cinematography, editing, music, etc.) has been absolutely stellar. Some of the best set pieces I've seen in recent years from any motion picture medium have come from this show.

The show keeps getting better as it goes along too. I've seen many shows falter at the end, but I'm totally confident Breaking Bad will end as great as it's been through 5 1/2 seasons. I can't wait...
I agree. While the writing and directing is as good as it gets, it's also some of the finest acting I have ever seen as well. Lady at work tells me Cranston has won a bunch of awards for his portrayal of Walter White. He deserves 'em. Also a great job by Jesse, Skyler, Hank, Gus, Walt Jr, et al.

And she tells me season five is 16 episodes instead of just 13.
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