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Not on my list every week but in general
Staples of my list (not every week, but some of what I get).
1. Chicken breasts - fresher the better to avoid the additional preservatives and lean as possible
2. Lean Steak/beef/roast depending on what I have planned, but I limit eating red meat to 2x a week
3. Fish - usually frozen so I can use it as I need it (again not every week)
4. Eggs (dozen - 18: I usually hard boil most or all to make breakfast in the am easy and quick and mostly protein)
5. Turkey bacon (yes, yes I know, it's not the real stuff)
6. Egg Beaters and/or Egg whites
7. If the local farmers market is open I go there for fresh veg and some organic meats and eggs, sometimes fruit.
8. I keep some frozen veg (mixed, broccoli) on hand
9. Occasionally sweet potatoes
10. My key fresh veg: celery, carrots, spinach, onions, mushrooms.
11. Unsweetened Almond milk
12. Carbsmart yogurt (lower sugars, higher protein, probiotic).
13. Kcup coffee (not every week, probably monthly)
14. Dried goods I keep around: PB2, Protein Powder, 10g protein bars for snacks, raw almonds, lots of spices,

I avoid much cheese or other dairy in the house because I am a dairy freak so I'd over indulge. I have it in the house when I have a specific recipe.
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