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Originally Posted by BBII View Post
That wasn't me who said that. It was the CTO of Rackspace, a Billion dollar hosting company.

Where is Qualifications Inspector Houghtam when I need him?
LMAO, that whole article was FOS. Every "tech expert" they talked about admitted they haven't actually seen the application, yet "believed" it "had" to be 10 year old tech. And the only evidence they provide is that it looks "Web 1.0" from the 90s instead of "Web 2.0" enough to them. Which is ridiculous.

Experts don't behave that way.

Of course, a cursory glance tells me they are using JQuery, CSS layout, some unknown asynchronous framework (including a silly amount of client side rendering), SAML for distributed SSO, and a host of other perfectly "modern" tools and libraries that can be determined by inspecting the external interface. In other words, a pretty typical "Web 2.0" buzzword compliant external interface.

Now, it's possible the back end is some archaic monstrosity, but no one other than the dev group actually knows what they are doing in the back end.

And, the real gem is the idiotic comment about caching. Doesn't matter if you are "Web 2.0" buzzword compliant, caching issues can happen. If you have a javascript file that has a bug and also has a cache coherence issue in the browser, you'll have to clear your cache to get the client to download the patched version.

Looking at it, the problem isn't the technology they are using, the problem is pretty clearly management and timetable.

(btw, I design and build web applications for a living)

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