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Originally Posted by AlecRaenos
Who is left?

And does my vote go towards voting the person off or keeping them on?
Okay, Alec, for you ....

You are a ghost. A dead one. Kaput. A haunt.

You are a member of "The Ghostly Chorus."

As such, you can vote right here on the thread.

Or if you want, you can PM me with a secret vote that won't be revealed until the game's end.

Your choice.

You can vote for one of the three finalists to win the game: rascal, MHS or Dave.

Or you can formally abstain.

You have until Saturday Noon.

Personally, if I were you, I'd wait & see what they offer as bribes.

But it's your call.

Your vote (otr lack thereof) will be tabulated along with the rest of the chorus: You, mock, Bosko, Crush, TD30 & Majik. The winner of the ghostly chorus majority vote earns ONE vote of the 7 that are up for grabs.

This is a "positive" vote - - for someone to win. NOT to knock someone off. (Of course, if you want to look at it a diifferent way, a vote for one is a vote against two ... but that would be cynical)

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