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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
I dont follow soccer, but i heard this no talent ass clown has never scored a goal in a World Cup, yet hes supposed to be this incredible player.
So i spent all of 15 seconds of my life (i want them back) checking,
He actually scored 1 goal against Serbia and Montenegro, who are a powerhouse in soccer, in the 2006 WC after Argentina were winning 5-0 in garbage time. So yeah i see why folks say hes never scored a WC goal.

My question stands though. Did this bert and ernie lookin clown just vagina- out on playing in the game yesterday, or was he legitimately injured?
He's injured. In the second match versus PSG he couldn't play. PSG went up on aggregate, he finally subbed in around the 60th minute, provided a huge spark to the team, and they scored a goal to advance in the Champions League. He didn't do much out there because of his hamstring, but provided a lift. Barca's offense revolves around him, and without him they flat out suck. He's basically running around with 1 leg out there. No Messi, no Barca.
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