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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
I tell you what annoys the hell out of me--"hidden tracks" where there are minutes of dead silence between to the last listed song the "hidden" track. For instance, Jarvis Cocker's new CD (which is excellent, by the way) has a hidden track with nearly 30 minutes of dead silence between the final listed track and the hidden track. 30 minutes! What is the point of that crap? It's particularly annoying when it's actually a good song.
That stuff is annoying but the most annoying thing I ever ran across are the cd's that are recorded as just one entire track. That Prince one (I forgot the title, never was a fan of his) started that short-lived trend. I remember getting The Rollins Band's Turned On as a promo and discovering it was done like that......which I really would've been pissed off about had it been a good show. As it was, he somehow chose an off night in front of a virtually dead crowd to record his first live album that way making it all the easier to shelve after a few listens (or ditch altogether at the used CD store). Rollins has since issued numerous live cd's making that document of annoying, snail-paced, single track sludge totally unnecessary and disposable.
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