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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post
My point is that shanny is not above risking the health and well being of anyone to acheive his goals. for him to deny that he would send RG3 on to the field if he did not think it was in his best interest is just a lie! shanny has shown his colors, self serving, always has been. stubborn and arrogant to the point of over-riding his better football sense.The post about al wilson is dead on too !
Your point was horrible. TD went in as a decoy. He wasn't getting the ball or getting hit. Even if he did get hit, his situation was a migrane headache. Of course it probably doesn't feel good to be belted with a painful headache but it would take a massive fake and a defender looking down to see that TD didn't have the ball and Elway was on his bootleg.

Look, I am not here to back Shanny like some (SoCal for one) and he has made some horrible mistakes. This is great drama if Cousins kicks ass during these 3 games. I wish Shanny didn't suck this bad and he corrected his mistakes from Denver. When you stink at defense and one of your coaches is Slowick, you deserve some ribbing and I get it. Chef has so much hate for Shanny that he has to make **** up and once again, doesn't back it up with facts. In conclusion, bringing up TD play where Elway gets us a TD in the Super Bowl is moronic.

See this clip if you forget...

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