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I don't know how much power Pioli has in what happens on the football field but Crennel just looks washed up to me.

How is a defense with mulitple 1st/2nd round picks and talented players one of the worst in the league in points given up per game? That defense really has no veteran leadership and Crennel is too soft on them.

Obviously if Pioli goes then chances are so does Crennel, but what's interesting to me is that there's really no in house coach that could take over which is probably one of the reasons why that defense plays so soft.
Right you are. This team reminds me of the 2010 49ers. Tons of talent but soft coaching and poor QB play.

If Pioli is fired, Romeo will be following him right out the door.

I hope it happens. December 31st can't come fast enough.
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