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Kansas City is owned by a man who loves soccer first. Clark Hunt was a 2 time All-American soccer player at SMU in Texas and he owns the Columbus Crew and FC Dallas MLS teams.

Clark doesn't even live in Kansas City. He lives in Dallas. But that is to be expected since there is no state income tax in Texas which greatly benefits rich people.

It's a shame too. This franchise started out as such a success. We were at the elite group of franchises with the Green Bay Packers back when the NFL started in the late 60's/early 70's. 40 years later they have taken a complete turn and are flirting with Cleveland Brown territory.

The end of this season will tell a lot about Mr. Hunt. If he doesn't fire Pioli, than he's going to make permanent disconnect with about 85% of the fans.

It's your move, Clark.
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