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Originally Posted by WABronco View Post

This is horrible. Snelling is the type of OBP machine that Billy Beane dreams about.......for weeks at a time.

Two knock-up trades so far for Mr. Bavasi. The only way this comes out looking good is if it's a prelude to a bigger trade (Sexson).
It's a certainly a mind boggling trade given the Mariners already have a young stud at 2B in Jose Lopez. I have admired what Vidro has done over his career, but relying on him as an everyday option at DH is not going to help the Mariners offense.

I don't see how trading Beltre, moving Lopez to 3B and inserting Vidro at 2B is going to make the Mariners better, either.

Snelling is definitely a productive player who you love to pull for because he goes all out, but I am suprised you hadn't given up on him WAB after all the injury woes.
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