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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
I hate the Pats amd Belli as much as the next Bronco fan.

Right is right and wrong is wrong...........

When the facts are known condemn the guy if guilty , until then people should STFU from convicting anyone until the facts are known.

Remember the ass clowns on Dumervil's gun deal ?

Case closed............

How would anyone of you like it your case if you were unfortunate enough to be involved in one was handled like this ?

Would you want everyone to jump to conclusions based upon so called leaks and speculation ?

Think about it.............
It's an internet message board and that's the nature of internet message boards; people talk about stuff and share ideas. In short, it's entertainment and opinion and no one's gonna just STFU as long as it's an in-the-spotlight NFL news story.

Ultimately the system will either charge him with a crime or not and a new in-the-spotlight NFL news story will shove this one into the category of "yesterday's news". Until that happens, Hernandez will just have to accept that playing in the NFL and then being a person of interest, connected to a murder will mean that people on internet message boards will be talking about him and some of the content of those discussions will be hyperbole and opinion instead of fact. Likewise, internet message board readers/posters can allow it to raise their blood pressure or merely accept that it's how it is and shrug it off.
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