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Originally Posted by Crushaholic View Post
Five feet MAY be overkill, though. There are times that the ball DOES sail over the uprights, making it hard to tell whether or not the FG is good. However, most (if not all) of those instances were BARELY over the uprights. A couple of feet could do the trick, but I like the idea of the rule...

I disagree. It seems to happen all the time that kickers boom the ball way over the height of the uprights, often, by way more than 5 feet. I think they should have made the uprights 10 feet taller (or more). What is the problem with overkilling this anyway? No need to have to have fans guess if a FG is good and then have no choice but to accept a refs (whom some have corrupt reputations) decision if a FG is good or not.

My solution to this was and always is simple. In domed stadiums, hang a camera from the ceiling precisily over the top of each upright post (you would have 4 of these cameras) and utilize these cameras whenever necessary to see if a FG is good or not when the ball seems to go over the top of the upright. In non-domed stadiums, suspend a thin (almost invisible) wire from near the top of the upper deck from one side to the other directly above the goalpost, so that the wire is high above any possibility of a ball hitting it, then hang a camera precisely above each upright post from this wire.

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