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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by baja View Post
I didn't say it was perfect

Still less violant per capata than the USA

"In fact, much of the crime data per capita 1000 population suggests that in many respects Mexico is safer than the U.S.: in assaults the U.S. ranks No. 6, Mexico No. 20; burglaries the U.S. No. 17, Mexico No. 34; car thefts U.S. No. 9, Mexico No. 22; fraud U.S. No. 18, Mexico No. 29; Rape (Canada No.5), U.S. No. 9, Mexico No. 17."
Multiply Mexican numbers by about 10-20 because of the fact that people dont ****ing report crimes in Mexico. These are REPORTED crimes.

People in America actually report crime, they trust the local authorities, and for the most part, teh government to crack down on crime. People in Mexico do not. Furthermore, a Mexican Drug Cartel gang assaults 10 people in a small village. That's 10 crimes you can bet your ass are NEVER reported. There is no possibility of punishment for that drug cartel. Murder, rape, assault, theft, none of that **** is reported with any consistency in most of Mexico. Maybe in the larger cities where there is some semblance of stability, but certainly not in smaller towns and villages where the local law enforcement is bought and paid for by neighboring drug cartels, gangsters, thugs and just general bad guys.

You are an absolutely ****ing moron if you believe those stats are even remotely accurate. All they give information on is REPORTED crimes. Crime in America is more reported than in **** hole countries where the people have no trust in the authorities to follow up on claims of violence and/or theft.
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