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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
He wasn't good vs the run either and plus weren't they playing him more at DE in the type of role Wolfe is in now?
Honestly I can barely keep track of which position is which on the D-Line anymore. There were streetfights in here last summer over whether Von should be called a DE when he steps up and puts his hand on the ground, etc ....

Safe to say Bannan was never a penetrator, he was a gapper - he took up blockers. His best seasons were with the Ravens playing all 3 line spots in their 3-4. Converse to the Fau point I made about PFF ratings - you gotta believe that if Bannan was rated #19 against the run, that means something. After all, PFF rated WW best OLB against the pass last year, and Harris like the #9 cover CB I think? Sounds high, but it was a gaudy high rating.

Okay, I think I have to bring Barney in ... for the youngsters if nothing else......
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