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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
We went to the playoffs and won the division and a playoff game with Tim Freaking Tebow at QB and replaced him with Peyton Manning. Then we upgraded our defense and added depth at tight end (good starters) corner, safety and running back.

You lost a bunch of players and are pinning all your hopes that a QB who's sucked since 2007 is going to "blossom" leaning on the legs of a glass HB.

But yeah, we're the ones being unreasonable.
We were 8-8 also with a guy we drug off the couch, we lost noone of any consequence outside of Kameron Wimbley IMO. We also moved into the 21st century with respect to our defensive scheme.... Tweetybird wont be getting any good presnap reads from us. The dopey Man-1 alignment every down is gone.

You're pinning all your hopes, and 96 million bucks on a guy who's one shot away from his head separating from his body, at which point they are going to have to put bolts in his neck, making him look more like Herman Munster than he already did with that fivehead.
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