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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Poor guy ended badly, going out in a fire started by a dropped cigarette when he passed out. Here's the statement from the fire brigade leader:
"It was a tough fight getting upstairs. We searched the bedroom areas and it was very hot, we knew immediately that no-one could have survived the fire. We began to feel around the walls and discovered him lying on the floor between the bed and the wall. I would say he had been in bed and tried to escape. As soon as I saw the body clearly I knew who it was. I used to be a fan, it's difficult to put my feelings into words. The scene was horrific in that corner of the room. I saw him lying there and thought what a pity it all was. I deal with many fires but this one was like walking down memory lane. We managed to salvage all his guitars and musical equipment. I feel a bit upset, all the firemen do. It was like seeing part of our lives gone forever." - (Fire Officer)

Really sad.
Yep - one of the greatest voices in the history of Rock and Roll, and there was barely any mention of Marriott's death in what jokingly passed for music media at the time.

The really sad part for fans was that Steve had just reunited with Peter Frampton and had recorded some new tunes that were attracting label interest.
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