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After the Los Angeles Kings traded centre Mike Cammalleri to the Calgary Flames for a first round pick Friday night, Gillis said he thought his offer for the player was better. Apparently, the Canucks offered their pick — 10th, seven spots before Calgary’s — but also wanted Kings’ offensive prospect Oscar Moller.

Los Angeles GMDean Lombardi fairly scoffed at Gillis’ claim the Canucks’ offer was better when told of it on Saturday. Gillis was Cammalleri’s agent last summer during a salary arbitration that got nasty. So Lombardi has issues with Gillis. Edmonton Oiler GM Kevin Lowe is famously on record as saying he won’t deal with Gillis.

This is the kind of backlash the new Canucks’ boss faces. Clearly, his relationship is better with many other GMs. But it’s tough to make deals when some managers don’t like the guy pitching them.

FU Gillis...
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