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Default NBA training camp starts in the three days!!

So many questions to be answered this year.

* What team is angryllama going to bandwagon this year? I heard the Bulls might good. Stay tuned for further developments.

* Will the Mavs be able to muster another run at second place this year? Can Dirk recover from his historic collapse in the finals? We all saw what happened Nick Anderson's career after he missed crucial free throws in the playoffs. Will the same happen to Dirk?

* Will the Denver Nuggets finally find a shooting guard?

* Is Kenyon back and ready to put up his pre-injury numbers of 16 and 8 rebounds? You know what is funny, even if Kenyon produces that, he will still be waaaaaay overpaid. Gotta love those nuggs.

* Can Nene live up to his contract? Wait, nevermind. Stupid question.

* Will Carmelo put up 30 pts a game this season. I believe so.

* And lastly, but not least, there is plenty of room on the Celtics bandwagon if you anyone wants to join. Sleeper team of the decade. You heard it here first.

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