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Originally Posted by Taco John
I just want to make it clear to the community here that I expect this forum to police itself in terms of the decency line. This forum has gotten vulgar lately, and is becoming an eyesore.

I'll ask you not to make me get creative in solving this issue, because I honestly don't want to... But I will if I have to.
What's your problem?

Why don't you do your job and MODERATE this room, instead of b****ing and threatening?

TJ, it was just one week ago when you complained in the main room that WRP is a "cess pool" and whenever you go there "you feel dirty." And yet on that VERY SAME DAY - you started a thread in here!!!! (The "Reesurrect a President" thread - a great thread). I'm sorry, TJ, but that makes you a first-class hypocrite in my book, at least on this topic.

WRP is the only room on this board without a moderator ... and yet you are "shocked, shocked!" when name-calling goes on?! Gimme a break. Stop blaming the room. As somebody who spends time in here (that's absolutely certain he posts nothing improper), your threats tick me off. You say "police yourself"? I say "do your job." Why not get, maybe, RedRocket to moderate? He seems pretty level-headed and not too political, and he has time to spend 30-60 minutes twice a day to go through the threads. We'll help him by self-reporting with PMs, and he can dole out whatever warnings or suspensions are warranted. (You know - like you do in EVERY OTHER room?!?)

I know the OM has been growing exponentially, and I'm happy for you and everybody. BUt don't act like the problem is getting "out of control," From where I sit, you're the problem. You and that empty box at the bottom of the page that says "Moderator:"
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