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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post

There are striking parallels between the BRitish empire at the start of the 20th century -- and the US empire today. We are following in the footsteps of the Brits. At that time the Brits faced the rising economic power of Germany -- and this led to WW I and WW II.

Expect global war at the end of the US empire -- unless we can wake up enough people, in time, and prevent it.
I would argue we are already in a global war and that the real battle lines are being drawn and redrawn without the fanfare typical of past wars.

Consider our media. What do they actually report to us? News or popularized fiction? If the media is not reporting anything and the people who do take issue are usurped who then is left to speak the truth?

How do create a coup without killing anyone? There are no martyrs in the press. President Carter was played but that was not widely reported. We won't see what really happens until long after it has unfolded. What plays out in plain view is not as straight forward.

Politically we are all on the same side. The neutered and voiceless public.
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